Many people asked me how I experience channeled information. They wonder if I hear voices or see images. There are many ways to receive this kind of information and it depends on the sender as well as the receiver as of how information is received.

I have previously stated that one can never be completely certain as of who communicates information and how much the information might be “tainted” by your own bias and existing knowledge about a given topic. The more the “channel” is cleared of opinion the more information is being perceived as intended by the sender whoever that may be. What I do have experienced however, is that the more sophisticated the sender, the more complex but yet easier to understand the messages are.

Often this kind of communication begins with automated writing as the feeling of the channel that words form in your mind, that only have to be written down. This kind of telepathy is very slow and at times it is hard to keep the mind clear of thought to not mix the channeled information with your own ideas.

The sources that seem to be of extraterrestrial origin have a completely different way of communicating information. Even though words are involved, they usually chose to transmit a complete concept that includes words, emotions, images and strangely enough, complete comprehension of the topic.

Have you ever thought about a rather complex topic and suddenly you have an epiphany? This feeling of “Heureka” when a concept with many accompanying thoughts has finally made it’s way into a deep and comprehensive understanding. This is when we KNOW and truly know that we know (at least that is our impression).

“until some communications only lasted split seconds, unrolling an avalanche of insight on a given topic”

When I first had communications that originated from sources that claimed to be of extraterrestrial nature, I was asked if they can communicate in concepts with me, which I agreed to, never less was not entirely capable of. Then over time less words where used but more images and/or emotions until some communications only lasted split seconds, unrolling an avalanche of insight on a given topic. I must admit that I am utmost impressed by this kind of communication. I can only imagine the wisdom and knowledge these beings must posses when learning can be reduced to the transmission of understanding on any given subject.

Imagine a transmission like a flash of light that makes you feel, see, hear, smell and REMEMBER the entire subject as if you have been part of its discovery or a group that had prepared a very deep explanation of it. You can speak about it at length, understand it on a fundamental level. Some of these communications are of complex topics like telepathy itself, the energetic oneness of all life, the experience of other life forms and even things like how it feels to be .. you name it … a chicken. All this can be turned into an experience that can be transmitted via telepathy.

Two of the most fundamental telepathic transmissions I have received where an invitation into a “hive mind” of the social memory complex of a group that represents Pleiadians as well as a communication that explained the propagation of experience from our 3rd dimension across time and space which I will write about in another post. To give you an idea about this kind of communication here a quick introduction to one of these two transmissions:

The Pleiadian social memory complex:

One day I was meditating, thinking about the concept of shared consciousness and how this might play out in the future of us humans. Will we think together? Will we experience together? In the process of my meditation I remembered that I read that advanced alien life forms are supposed to form groups which are called social memory complex in documents like the RA material of the law of one. As I meditated about it, I felt a presence I had felt before that introduced itself as Pleiadian in nature.

This entity invited me to experience a social memory complex. As I mentally agreed, looking forward to this experience, I felt as if I was already released from an incredible large and complex body of experiences, knowledge and wisdom. It was as if my own ego re-assembled to become “just me” with a clear concept of being many others as well. This moment I understood the very nature of the social memory complex. I realized that I had been part of it. It was a mesmerizing experience, imagine you would always feel being one with billions of others, comprehending all thought process simultaneously while you can become “you” at a moments notice.


I hope we as humans will one day learn to communicate in this way. It is not only vastly more efficient that our current ways of communication but it would let borders crumble and realize our cosmic union in the perfect symphony with the universe.

Please share your thoughts and comments below.


  1. Alberto 3 weeks ago

    God, indeed I don’t want to imagine how would be the mind hive of all the Federation it’s like having Internet blockchain belonging to a single block and million address in it Wow those who have not experienced it makes a water mouth brain

    • Author
      Administrator 3 weeks ago

      It was amazing! It however is not the entire Federation but in this particular case part of the Pleiadian social memory complex. Imagine it as a large group of “explorers” of the Pleiadians that roam about space.

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