We are the Andromedan Council.

We are a social memory complex and race that is known to many as Andromedans. This does mean indeed that we originate from the Andromeda Galaxy that is about 2.5 billion light years away from you. A group of us resides in the area of Sagittarius at the moment. We are earth bound as we assist the ascension program as many other races do. One must understand that restrictions in travel such as distance do not apply to us. The group that has traveled to the Sagittarius area is of a 6th dimensional density and manifest itself in any point in the known universe “at a thoughts” notice. Thus, there is no time to travel, nor a time of preparation. We are a form of thought that resides in the eternal moment as most advanced species do. You as the human experience complex have forgotten your origins and trapped yourself in the illusion of time that is generated by the entropy of matter and the introduction of mechanical time. Matter itself is just thought that is perceived by consciousness through a vibrational filter system. You could imagine the human experience complex like a cloud where its vapor is condensed intelligence and memory. This cloud is being fragmented and given little windows which you could imagine as your eyes. In front of these windows/eyes a thought manifestation is created that you perceive as your reality. This cloud could theoretically think together as more fragments regain their memory and break through the boundaries of illusion. Thus the ascension everyone is speaking off is a mere remembering of who you already are that would immediately free you from the attachment to the illusion. The 3rd dimension is a like a TV program that you enjoy and the interface that you utilize to enjoy it, is an avatar that is created from thought form. Remembering those circumstances let you leave the avatar and gain complete control over it.

We would like to teach you new ways of reaching this state. We wish our messages not to be distorted which has proven problematic with many human experience members you call light workers. We do not concern ourselves with the distinction between good and evil or praise a path of love and light as those are mere concepts that resonate in your current illusion and might cause further entanglement in those constructs. We do have a concept and understanding of general benevolence and support of experience of life which is part of our research mission. We do however, not engage in discussion about concepts of duality as overcoming this evolutionary step is the recipe for accelerated advancement of your ascension.

A large part of the human experience group is of advanced energetic distortions you call soul groups or super souls that have been mixed with other soul groups to further cross acceleration. This experiment can be deemed very successful as the vibrational patterns begin to harmonize themselves into a new energetic body that combines those previously fragmented distortions. Humanity as an experience group perceives accelerated pressure now, that has begun about 100 years ago in the form of massive separation/division to form a very fine grained vibration pattern combining these groups. Imagine trying to combine a relatively small group of very large energetic bodies that experience what you would refer to as disagreements. You now split these bodies into millions of fragments and exert experiential pressure until they begin to collaborate in a myriad of different ways, thus resolving conflict on a higher level over time until all interference patterns has harmonized and overcome the separation. You are familiar with this concept in the expression “As above, so below”.

End of transmission.


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