For many years now people, especially in the “new age” community, have been talking about the “new earth”. There are also hundreds of thousands of posts, videos and dozens of books about the new age and how certain earth bound as well  as alien (read: extraterrestrial) groups will swoop in and bring about a prosperous, spiritual and great new age. “They” will tell us what we can achieve. They will teach us new things and bring us to new levels of existence.

Just some of us can’t shake the negative connotation that comes with the beloved group of “they”. We as humans tend to delegate responsibility quickly. If things go above our head we say that “they” do these things and that we are powerless. Then “They” become a grey mass of “beings” of politicians, “Illuminati”, shadow governments, rich people etc. Now we simply add “They” from outer space to the mix and when things go wrong we might blame “Them” that they failed to convince “The others”. Our goal for the new earth alliance is to bring forth information about the true motivations of different groups that might be brought to light by research as well as channeling sources that claim to be in contact with those groups. We will take no sides but with reason, neutrality and of course “Us” – That is the population of this precious planet. We would like to make sure that “they” most and foremost have our best interest in mind.  We set out to create a more level playing field and give names to all groups that seem to want to be involved in our future. We will also post view points of groups that might have been portrait wrongly in the past that might seem controversial. Here it is important to keep an open mind. Truth is a very complex animal. Truth has many components and view points. All that is or can be is true in it’s very nature as there is only one energy that unites all into one. Thus, things can have a factual core and many different equally true opinions about them. We will strive to act like a conduit to enable a dialog with the ultimate goal to create a situation where it becomes more transparent what “We” want. We the people who will live in that new world everyone is raving about.



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