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Imagine for 5-6 hours per night you become as a god, controlling all that happens in the world, learning with masters, traveling to the stars and gaining fundamental insights into the secrets of the universe and all else from the comfort of your bed.

Enter the world of the ancient art of lucid dreaming.

Early on in human history people began to dive into the depth of the world of dreams, trying to make sense of the miracles of the world that seemed so real, yet vanished at dawn. Dreams were often regarded as signs from the gods when prophetic in nature and whoever had the gift of finding explanations for them, became a most important member of the tribe.

As humanity progressed the art of dream interpretation became more prevalent and over time established meanings were developed and passed from generation to generation until the ancient masters of Egypt brought a new art into the mix. The art of the lucid dream. Egyptian priests hat intricate knowledge of the word of dreams. They documented the exact progression of dream states, observed the breath and eye movements as well as introduced meditations that brought forth certain states of the mind that wold support the disrespect state of wakefulness while in deep sleep states.

The masters where able at all times to take complete control over their dreams and turning those vivid realities into a comprehensive world that would follow their every command.

conceive masterful strategies

They created specific temples in which dreams played a role in governance and decision making. Where rulers and high ranking officers were trained to use their sleeping hours to conceive masterful strategies to be applied in their kingdoms. Thousands of years of peace in ancient Egypt, being the result of their mastery of the mind and consciousness that was the all connecting force.

understanding of the nocturnal powers, ready to be unlocked

Thousands of paintings in their temples depict until today their deep understanding of the nocturnal powers, ready to be unlocked when understood. The progression of the souls of the sleeping one, traveling through the night, doing its deeds just to be reborn and resurrected to new life in the morning once more.

be reborn and resurrected to new life in the morning once more.

The Lucid dreaming bot will be your guide. It will help you to become a master of the night. A master of your dream world just waiting to be conquered by you. You will receive the keys to unlock the seemingly endless power of your deep sleep states where the entire universe will be virtually yours.

The Lucid dreaming bot will be launched in the first week of March and will be available as a free service in collaboration with the Poindo Foundation and Manek Dynamics. With simple to follow tutorials and meditations it will help you to set the stage at night to learn the art of the lucid dream and in the mornings it will prompt you with simple questions to create the needed neuronal connections to at first retain dream memory which then will be elevated to dream awareness and ultimately dream control.

After a few weeks of training most will begin to gain complete control over their dream states. Imagine you would create a virtual reality that looks and feels like your day to day reality with the only difference that you have super skills and can bend reality to your liking as well as have everyone in your dreams do your bidding. Never less you will learn that you can invoke dream characters that seem to have their own personality and can teach you things that had been locked in your deeper levels of consciousness. Over time you may discover a wealth of wisdom and knowledge that had been hidden deep within all your life – Let the most amazing journey begin and create a paradise that will  be yours every night for the rest of your life.

Lucid dreaming has many documented health benefits such as lowered anxiety/depression,  overall improvements in well-being as well as cardio vascular improvements.

To join for free, please register at for an account on this site.

You can simply login with Facebook if you like. The details of how to use the bot during the private beta will be explained on a member only page once available in the next days. The bot will be available in private beta via Skype and soon thereafter Facebook messenger. Selected members may be able to receive personalized training by an expert as well. If you don’t want to join via Facebook or would like to inquire about partnering opportunities (if you are a coach, teacher or someone who offers sleep related technology such as EEG based tech or similar) please just use the email button to the right and contact us.

Some members of our team have been lucid dreaming for more than 30 years and we hope that the Lucid Dreaming Bot will be of great help for you.



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