We are the a Andromedan council

We are not satisfied as of how the political situation on earth is leading to ever new conflicts in the middle East as well as in the general east/west conflict complex.
We have observed that some elements of governments act in personal interest rather global interests. In those cases conflicts are created to distract from other, more important topics or for reasons of personal enrichment.

There is concern is that those distractions postpone more widespread awakening for many years if the populations does not learn to dissociate  from the moods created by your news media.
News media is one of the corner stones to keep the process of democracy intact, never less they tend to use emotional messages to let their audience experience news in a rich emotional context.

As most of these news stories are in the negative experience spectrum, they lead to lower vibration patterns as well as to irregular patterns such as anxiety and fear that represent themselves often in form or low vibrating distortions. These emotions lead to conflict, anger and other strong responses among consumers of the presented information.

People should consider reading news, rather then listening or watching them, as written information can in general be digested in a more neutral mindset.

We also recommend to consume news only in one particular preset time block in the day with the clear intention to ingest the information without the attached bias. Thus being open for the inner voice process to create a meta view of the information.

End of transmission

Explanation of transmission:

When receiving communication as a channeling medium, often this information is being received in a rich context of images, feelings and complete understanding of the subject. Thus, words are only a small part of the transmission. I came to learn that those, that identify themselves as Andromedans are, not unlike Arcturians, very matter of fact. They share rarely opinions but are more on the scientific and “as is” side of things. As I was thinking about the general current situation of school shootings, election irregularity stories, I was contacted to receive the above message.

They made me understand that they very much support the concept of news and that it is of utmost importance in the democracy to have every single citizen informed, but also that they see that information is not always presented as fact but almost in a manner of entertainment where top stories can drown other important information for days while the emotions can be utilized to draw attention to particular news outlets.

The way they would recommend consuming news information felt almost like bullet points with facts of what happened and the general context of it. This would also have the advantage of creating information clouds of events that are in the same context.


What can we do to help others to understand? Please join the discussion and leave comments below. 

  1. Mario Nikolov 3 weeks ago

    We need to wake up softly and gently, becoming more and more loving, aware, mindful, appreciative, grateful, kind, compassionate, cultivated, and thus spread all the light we can, because only light can light up the darkness, only love can melt a frozen heart and alleviate pain and suffering, only gentleness can soften a hard soul, only laughter can be the best music to our ears, only a warm hug can thaw the cold grip of despair…and only one person CAN change the world…

  2. Author
    Administrator 3 weeks ago

    Thank you for your amazing words Mario. I would love to see you help filling the new forum with life – You have excellent views. http://www.newearthalliance.com/forums/

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